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I'm new to jQuery. I want to make a simple drop down menu with click event. Here is the html structure:

<ul id="menubar">
        <li class="menu">
            <a href="#">Menu 1</a>
            <ul class="submenubar">
                <li class="submenu"><a href="#">Submenu 1</a></li>
        <li class="menu">
            <a href="#">Menu 2</a>
            <ul class="submenubar">
                <li class="submenu"><a href="#">Submenu 2</a></li>

I made the script as the following:

                $(this).find('li.submenu', this).slideToggle('fast'); 

But the drop down is overlapping. That's not what I want. All I want is: - If I click Menu 1, it will show the Submenu 1. The other Menus and Submenus are hidden. - Then if I click Menu 2, the Submenu 2 will be shown as the Submenu 1 will be hidden. - And so on...

What should I do? Can anybody help me to solve this? Thanks for your response..

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How does this work for you? –  Gavin Jul 25 '12 at 9:30

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hey check this out click on menu1 it will show submenu1 hides other again whn u click menu1 then it will menu2 wil b show try this

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