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I am developping an application with Libgdx in Eclipse 4. My computer has an Ubuntu 12.04. But since some time ago, I can't test my app on the emulator : the emulator is started, detected, but however there is a red cross (instead of a green mark) in the target field of my emulator and my app is not updated onto it :

enter image description here

I've also noticed that I can't create shortcut in the emulator desktop for my app : it seems that it does not exists on it !!! (When I launch new -> Shortcut -> Application from the emulator)

Does someone knows how to fix the problem ?

Thanks in advance and apologize if my question is bad formulated.

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It's been a while since I used eclipse for Android dev but do you definitely have the appropriate SDKs installed and paths set correctly? – Basic Jul 25 '12 at 9:36
It may be the problem, as I kept my old SDK from a previous linux installation (I kept my /home partition). I have the SDK revision 20. – loloof64 Jul 25 '12 at 9:39
it displays Red Cross mark it means your emulator is not created properly, Delete that emulator and recreate it and also check SDK path from Windows->Preferences tab. – Yash Jul 25 '12 at 9:39
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Red cross means your program is not compatible with the emulator version. Such as when you're developing for Android 2.0 and have an Android 1.5 emulator. It may still run on the emulator though. Press ok and see if it runs or not. If not create the emulator for the version of Android your program requires

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yes you are right. he is using a 1.5 emulator. – sunil Jul 25 '12 at 9:43
Thank you, you made me on the way to solve the problem, but it is not yet solved : the build path of my program is focused on Android 4.0.3, whereas I want to focus it on Android 1.5 (which is also installed). I've not managed to change it yet. How could I do it ? – loloof64 Jul 25 '12 at 9:46
@Laurent BERNABE Right-click your project, select properties, select Android in the left pane and set checkbox at Android 3.0 in the right pane. If no Android 3.0 choice is present then go to Window|Android SDK Manager and install the SDK for 3.0 – Alexander Kulyakhtin Jul 25 '12 at 9:49
Thank you, I've found how to set Android version to 1.5 :) But I've still some xml manifest errors. I vote for your answer as soon I've corrected them and tested my app. Thanks :) – loloof64 Jul 25 '12 at 9:57
Thank you, you definitively solved my problem :) – loloof64 Jul 25 '12 at 10:02

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