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I am trying to get a query to hit an index.

The scenario is this:

Given a string - find all rows where the column 'str' is a substring to that string

I have tried something like:

SELECT str FROM tbl WHERE 'fullstring' LIKE CONCAT(str, '%');

However - this does not hit the index I have created when examining the query with EXPLAIN EXTENDED.

In the worst case I can fix this problem by remodelling the database a bit, using nested sets - but I would really love to not have to go down that route.

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Will you post the explain plan? –  kirbs Jul 25 '12 at 12:11

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It should be using index. If your MySQL optimizer is not choosing proper index then you can try with FORCE KEY try:

SELECT str FROM tbl FORCE KEY(index_name) WHERE 'fullstring' LIKE CONCAT(str, '%');
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