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I went through the documentation and did not find anything related to databases.

I guess this is not yet natively possible -- if not, then are there any libraries that utilize e.g. the Socket class to make it possible to connect to a database?

To be more specific, I'd like to connect to a MySQL and a MongoDB databases.

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I found MongoDart to be the first library to give MongoDB access to Dart.

Here's an example:


main() {
    Db db = new Db('mongo-dart-test');

    simpleUpdate() {
        DbCollection coll = db.collection('collection-for-save');
        List toInsert = [
                         {"name":"a", "value": 10},
                         {"name":"b", "value": 20},
                         {"name":"c", "value": 30},
                         {"name":"d", "value": 40}
        coll.findOne({"name":"c"}).chain((v1) {
            print("Record c: $v1");
            v1["value"] = 31;    
            return coll.findOne({"name":"c"});
        }).then((v2) {
            print("Record c after update: $v2");
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There is also a postgresql package on pub.

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for sql server i use a restfull client using webservices to call sql querys and return results in json.

I use a authentication in webservices and encrypt query in client and server. I don't know if this is a best option but work for all databases.

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