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it's a long time since I used Eclipse Helios, and I found some difficult in changing variable at run time during debug.

I have put a breakpoint, and when debugger stops there it shows the object I am looking for in the 'variable' panel, which appears when in debug perspective.

The value I am trying to change is a Boolean inside the object, however these are the unsuccessful tentatives I did:

  1. Expanded the object, look for variable expanded it until it shows value, changed value to false: this results in changing all the boolean in the object
  2. Add watch expression to the boolean variable, but then I wasn't able from there to find a way to change its value

don't know if it is relevant, the application I am debugging is running on an old jboss 5.1, and the debug itself is done by running jboss in debug mode, and connect trough eclipse with a debug configuration. All is installed on my localhost.


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You can change the value.

Right click on the variable add it to 'watch' and then while debugging go to 'Expressions View', there you can change value

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Try this...

when the breakpoint stops write the following code:

// yourObject.setBoolean(Boolean.TRUE);

now select the code and press Ctrl+Shift+I. Voila you are done.

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Additional option is right click evaluate and than set your value

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