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My records are in a temporary table having three columns :

  1. Column1 : ID (Bigint)
  2. Column2 : CreationDateTime (dateTime)
  3. Column3 : Volume (Float)

The records are sorted based on CreationDateTime. I need to pick the records from the table where Sum of Volume is equal to THRESHOLD1 and then the same for Threshold2.

One way is to add a new Column to the table which has the sum of Volume for the previous records. for example :

ID - CreationDateTime - Volume - SUM

1 - 20/07/2012 - 10 - 10

2 - 21/07/2012 - 12 - 22

3 - 22/07/2012 - 7 - 29

and then Select * from temp where Sum >= Threshold But the calculation of the sum is not the fastest way.

I was wondering if anyone can suggest a better way for doing the above.

I'm using SQL server 2008 and I can also use CLR if required.

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Here's an approach using a recursive CTE, which will likely be the fastest:

select @i=min(ID) from @temp

;with a as 
    select ID, Volume, Volume as RunningTotal 
    from @temp
    where ID=@i 

    union all 
    select b.ID, b.Volume, b.Volume + a.RunningTotal as RunningTotal 
    from @temp b 
        inner join a 
            on b.ID=a.ID+1 

select * from a 

Some links related to running totals:





Computed Column using a function:

create function dbo.fn_VolumeRunningTotal 
    @dt datetime 
returns int 
    declare @total int 
    select @total = sum(volume) 
    from dbo.MyVolumeTable 
    where CreationDateTime <= @dt 

    return @total 

Computed Column formula:


Select statements:

select * from dbo.MyVolumnTable where RunningTotal <= @Threshold1 
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Would you please also ad the last reply ? Because I want to check them as well. thx –  Asha Jul 25 '12 at 11:33
@Asha - added back the references –  Chris Gessler Jul 25 '12 at 11:51

try this solution:

you can find the running total just by self joining tables and group by

with cte as(
select T2.ID, T2.CreationDateTime,SUM(T1.Volume) [SUM]
from test_table T1 join  test_table T2
on T1.id<=T2.id
group by T2.id, T2.CreationDateTime)
select * from cte where [SUM]>= Threshold
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