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I have some JSON objects from which I retrieve the location for a Twitter user. This location is a text that may be relevant to what I need, e.g. "London", but it may also be a text like "The most awesome area ever!". So, what I need is to filter these texts (locations) so that they correspond to a UK city. UK has 69 cities, so I can make an array of them, using Java, and check with a regex whether the string I get from location matches or is close to one of the listed cities.

My question is: do you think there is a more efficient way for doing this? I think that going through a table of 69 strings again and again (imagine for 120.000 JSON objects) and comparing the mentioned strings will take ages. Any suggestions?

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Use this Regex on your JSON reply...

[(city_name1)(city_name2)] // do this till 69, then always use this pattern against the json reply you get, to fetch the matched city...

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