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Possible Duplicate:
Linq to SQL “not like” operator

How can I write a dynamic linq query with using not contains?

I use .Contains() instead of like. But what should I use instead of not like?

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just use ! before the contains condition. Like

 var myProducts = from p in products
                  where !productList.Contains(p.ID)
                  select p;
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I just put the mark to wrong place. thanks @habib – Serhat Koroglu Jul 25 '12 at 11:36

Some thing like this should help...

YourDataContext dc = new YourDataContext(); 
    var query =     
        from c in dc.Customers     
        where !(from o in dc.Orders     
                select o.CustomerID)     
        select c; 
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Use ! operator. Like this:

private List<int> iList = new List<int>

    if (!iList.Contains(888))

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