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Using Aptana3, is it possible to auto compile the .coffee files when I save them or when I run the project, with some specifics rules (like where the output should go, if I can compress files into one, etc) ?

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You can use -cw flag with coffee in console for example:

coffee -cw file.coffee

this will watch file file.coffee for changes and compile it. You can use more options just run

coffee --help

comand for more info.

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Here is the best way to do it: Say your work is in "my-project-path" folder.

  1. Go to the parent folder of "my-project-path"
  2. Start a terminal and type coffee -o my-project-path -cw my-project-path

This line will watch and compile anything name as "*.coffee" in "my-project-path" folder, even if it is in "my-project-path/scripts/core" or "my-project-path/test/core".The js file will locate in the save folder as the .coffee file.

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