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Was wondering if anyone knows a good alternative to tinymce? I find that it sometimes has problems with AJAX infused content. And I've noticed that it seems a little slow when loading - I first see the textarea with the HTML-Markup and then it flashes and then I see the tiny interface.

wmd and markitup are not exactly what I am looking for - they are too rudimentary.

Is there any other good lightweight Javascript WYSIWYG Editor out there?

Thanks Casper

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This has been asked before, and before that again: stackoverflow.com/questions/65800/… Even though the accepted answer is tinyMCE, there are still a lot of other candidates in there. Try searching SO for "[javascript] wysiwyg" –  peirix Jul 22 '09 at 11:58

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What about FCKeditor?

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CKEditor the new FCKEditor

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Attacklab is used by StackOverflow, and myself soon enough. It's WYSIWYM, but still quite useful.

In the past, I have used YUI Rich Text Editor. There's actually two versions, one more basic than the other.

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PunyMCE is a newer contender by the same guys that make TinyMCE. It's super lightweight and supports the important requirements of being themeable, plugin capable, and supports internationalization.

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FCKEditor is quite good, you can try that.

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peirix's comment was helpful.

Tried a couple of the suggested ones and apparently Tiny or FCK are the best of the crop.

--EDIT-- I found and liked: http://markitup.jaysalvat.com/

--EDIT 2012-- I have now moved back to a minimal/light weight tinyMCE installation using jQuery.

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markitup is not a wysiwyg editor and never will be. –  Rob Nov 10 '11 at 13:35

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