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So as mobile developers, every time we translate one of our apps we have to translate both Android and iOS strings files. These files contain 90% of the same strings just the file is in a different format.

Does anyone know if there is an NSLocalizedString override to read from Android compatible .xml files? or if this is even possible?

Alternatively, is there a command line tool to convert between the two formats?

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This does what you need, but not from the command line.

The full system has an API though. If you register you'll be able to pull your translations into .strings or Android XML files from the command line, or programmatically via a simple script.

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So it turns out this kind of tool doesn't exist. I created a toolchain and posted it here.

If there is activity I will develop it further.

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For a recent project which already had 19 translations, I was also looking for a script to convert the XCode Localizable.strings files to Android Eclipse format.

I found convertLocalizable.rb but I can't work with ruby, so I've created a Javascript based on it, see link below. You have to cut and paste each file but it works great.

Javascript XCode Localizable.strings and Android strings.xml convertor

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Here's a simple script that will generate iOS Localizable.strings from Android strings.xml files.

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