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So I made a simple HTTP request to Pinterest's API to get the count of a link:

$this->rest->initialize(array('server' => ''));
$return_data = $this->rest->get('v1/urls/count.json?callback=&url=' . $link);

The response I get is:

receiveCount({"count": 5743, "url": ""})

You can try this yourself here.

I don't want the callback and I tried setting callback= but the parenthesis are still present so I can't parse it via json_decode.

Is there a better way of getting a pure json response without having to string replace the parenthesis myself?

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The Pintrest API is currently in development and is not ready for public use; they removed their own documentation a while ago. There is however a cache on Bolt for v2 of the API.

For now I would just do a regex on the response such as

$return_data = preg_replace('/^receiveCount\((.*)\)$/', "\\1", $return_data);

And then json_decode that.

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Thanks for this Matt, I didn't even check if their API was in development mode or not. I'll stick to the string replace hack! – Abs Jul 26 '12 at 14:54

You can also check out this unofficial Pinterest API that returns a JSON response for all endpoints -!documentation

enter image description here

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