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I am new to jQuery and especially to JavaScript.

I am trying to create a jQuery plugin but have some difficulties with callback events. I want to include callback events into different functions, so that the plugin will be a little bit flexible.

Here is the code:

    (function($, undefined){

    var methods = {

        init: function(options){

            var settings = $.extend({

                // Default settings
                'fadeInOutSpeed'            : 100,
                // the rest of default settings ...

                // Callback events
                onOpenBefore        : function(){},
                onOpen              : function(){},
                onOpenedCloseBefore : function(){}
                // the rest of the callback events...

            }, options);

            // code goes here...

            return this.each(function(){

                // code goes here


        destroy: function(){
            // code goes here
        open: function(){
            console.info('method open accessed');
        close: function(){
            console.info('method close accessed');
        update: function(){
            console.info('method update accessed');


    function gui_selectbox_open(param, event){

        settings.onOpenBefore.call(param, event);

        // function code goes here

        settings.onOpenAfter.call(param, event);

Inside the function gui_selectbox_open(param,event), there is a line at the beginning, where I want to put a callback event, so I could access it properly when initializing a plugin from outside, which gives me an JavaScript error, telling that settings.onOpenBefore... is not defined. How to define it?

Thanks in advance

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Your variable settings is defined as local to the init() function inside your methods object. to make it accessible outside, you can define it outside the init function and access it as methods.settings.yourMethod(..)


var methods = {

    settings: null,

    init: function(options){

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I'am sorry for being dumb, I just can't get it, I've tried methods.init(settings.onOpenBefore.call(param, event)); and methods.init(onOpenBefore.call(param, event)); and methods.settings(init.onOpenBefore.call(param, event)); but none of them works. Can you please describe a little bit more ? Thank you –  aspirinemaga Jul 25 '12 at 11:10
You should be able to call them as methods.settings.onOpenBefore(...); –  techfoobar Jul 25 '12 at 14:28
here is how i dealed with them: i've created a var settings: null before var methods = {..., so it would be a global variable, and then inside var methods = { init:function(options){.... Thanks @techfoobar, for pointing me at the right direction. –  aspirinemaga Jul 25 '12 at 14:35
My pleasure. Glad it helped. :) –  techfoobar Jul 25 '12 at 14:37

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