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I started up a forum topic here: but have had no reply. I have a Joomla! 1.5 site where Yootheme Carousel module is used to rotate banner images. I have added six and in the Yootheme carousel settings I have adjusted the amount of slides to load. But somehow it keeps on loading the initial ones added a few years ago and not the new ones. I do not see any 404 errors and I do believe the file rights are fine. Even with CHMOD 755 only the initial older four are loaded, but not the final two. Any ideas?

Update I Cache for the slider is turned off and after reloading the two extra images were still not loaded. Wonder if the module stores the new value or not..

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Found a video tutorial with the missing step. Was not enought to add the image to media/artboard/large. I also had to integrate it into an article with section Artboard and Category large.

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