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$feed->set_feed_url(array('', ''));

Is there any reason in simplepie why these domains wont parse into a HTML page? The only RSS I seam to be able to get simplepie to work with so far is the twitter RSS feeds


I need to get this working (with autodetect) for rss feeds from wordpress and blogger websites..

Can anyone point me in the right direction?




I figured out how to get the error messages from sinmplepie

I'm now getting the follwoing information

Can anyone explain what this means and how I can fix it.

The url I'm using is - It works fine on simplepies web demo but not on my site. I have tried two different versions of simplepie with no better results.

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Simple answer to this one is that there seams to be a problem with simplepie if the header information in the RSS feed is slightly unconventional. I unstalled the latest version of wordpress and it worked fine.

Cheers for reading!

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