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I have a .gsp, that displays a number in the page. The problem is, i receive that number (from the server) with decimals, even if the decimal is 0. I would like to "if the last character in this string is 0, erase from the dot till the end"

Any idea? if possible, without touching the server side.

Thank you.

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You're better off treating numbers as numbers (parsing them if needed), and then using format tags that come bundled with Grails. In this case g:formatNumber would be appropriate.

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Specifically, <g:formatNumber number="${your.number}" type="number" minIntegerDigits="0" /> –  Fustigador Jul 25 '12 at 12:03

You can do this with javascript/jQuery but not with CSS.

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The css tag is there because of a question I was about to ask before, but finally didn't, it remained there when i were going to ask this one. –  Fustigador Jul 25 '12 at 11:15

on your .gsp page do a g:if test at the place where you display the number. Check if the last character is 0, if it is, do a toString() on the number, split by the '.' and show the the string at 0th index.

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