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hello i have the code below on my template but can't get the loop.counter property is there anything wrong on the code?

{% for res in res_list %}
 79             <div  id="tr_{{ }}">
 80                         <li><span data-acttion='rename' class="resname edit" id="zaab{{ loop.counter }}">{{ }}</span>
 82                         <span class="edit resexpr" data-id="{{ }}">{{ res.expr_highlight|safe }}</span></dd>&nbsp;&nbsp;
 83                         <input type="button" id="pickMeUp" value="pickMeUp">
 84                 </div>
 85                 </li>
 86                 {% endfor %}

and the problem i have is on line 80 where i have that:

id="zaab{{ loop.counter }}"

the output on the browser is just zaab

if i change it to loop.first

the output is zaabTrue on first look so there is something with count i think!

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Ok solved i was looking jinja 1 commands in jinja 2.0 that command doesn't even exist so you can use loop.index instead!

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