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I've installed WindowBuilder in Eclipse Juno and am able to create Details Page. The generated source code:

 * Initialize the details page.
 * @param form
public void initialize(IManagedForm form) {
    managedForm = form;

 * Create contents of the details page.
 * @param parent
public void createContents(Composite parent) {
    FormToolkit toolkit = managedForm.getToolkit();
    parent.setLayout(new FillLayout());

requires a ManagedForm to be initialised. A a very Java newbie I've been completely stuck as to where to get this object. I've probably missed the obvious but help would be very much appreciated.

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Check out the ManagedForm class. Create a new class that inherits from ManagedForm and you got yourself an IManagedForm implementation:

public class MyManagedForm extends ManagedForm {
    public MyManagedForm(Composite parent) {

I'd recommend using an Editor like Eclipse and getting the source code into it so that you can easily browse the documentation and the API's classes in general. Lars Vogel's introduction to Eclipse APIs is a good read, too.

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