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Hi all i am developing an application for blackberr5 which does not support ajax. By using window.location.href = "MainMenu.html"; I am navigating from one html into another. Now in MainMenu.html file I have header as :

<div data-role="header" align="center">

    <a href="#" data-rel="back" data-icon="arrow-l">Back</a>
    <a href="MainMenu.html"  data-icon="grid">Menu</a>


But when I click on back it is not going to previous page. And if I use $.mobile.changePage('MainMenu.html'); then back button works fine. Then for blackberry5 how to handle back button. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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Which browser is this on your BlackBerry 5? BTW: So why don't you use $.mobile.changePage then since it works? And since you can apparently run javascript, how come that it doesn't support Ajax? – Robert Koritnik Jul 25 '12 at 12:59
How to check it? And not only in blackberry5 it is also not working in android2.2 and 4.0 simulator. changePage support for blackberry6 and above but not in bb5. Therefore I am using window.location – PPD Jul 25 '12 at 13:01

Have you tried using history.back()

You can find some useful info about back buttons in jQuery mobile here: http://jquerymobile.com/test/docs/toolbars/docs-headers.html

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where to call this history.back() – PPD Jul 25 '12 at 11:36
use it inside your back button's click event handler – techfoobar Jul 25 '12 at 11:39
If I use history.back() still it is not navigating to previous page. If I use window.location.href = "MainMenu.html". But works if I use $.mobile.changePage('MainMenu.html'); – PPD Jul 25 '12 at 12:57

try one of these two

history.back() or history.go(-1)

Hope it will work

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with $.mobile.changePage it works but not with window.location.href – PPD Jul 25 '12 at 13:09

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