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I have some Java servers (though Java in fact doesn't matter here, it can be any executable) which I want to run on multiple machines. Is there some cluster management software, which would allow me to say, for example "start 3 instances of service A, and 5 instaces of service B". In case one node dies, start the services on another server.

It would also be nice to have some kind of an admin console, where I could see which servers work, which services work were etc. (Of course with a nice dashboard with lots of green ;) ). Or at least a REST interface to get that info easily.

Going a step further, such a cluster manager could take care of gathering logs from the services, and alerting an adinistrators if there are errors in any of them. Or maybe that's a separate service?

Does such a thing exist? (preferrably in an open-source version of course)

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I feel like supervisord might be useful in your case ?

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