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I have a regex pattern

if(preg_match("/shop[0-9]/", '/shop43')){
    echo "YES";
    echo "NO";

It is working, but when i write

if(preg_match("/shop[0-9]/", '/shop43d')){
    echo "YES";

it is working too.The problem is that i need to have ony digits after word "shop",for example shop1,shop2,...,shop123 What I need to change in my pattern?) I would be very thankful if somebody could give me a link with some examples of my problem in regex.Thank you :)

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Try this pattern instead:


You can simply use \d instead of [0-9]:



  • As / used for indicating start/end of expression you have to escape it(to not indicate the end of the expression) -> \/.

  • ^ anchor matches at the start of the string the regex pattern is applied to.

  • $ anchor matches at the end of the string the regex pattern is applied to.

  • + repeats the previous item once or more.

See more info about reg-exps here.

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+1, do exactly what you've done but you was faster than me :) – DonCallisto Jul 25 '12 at 11:41

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