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when i do to do pop up on new window. i unable to hide the url bar in ie7. it still show the url bar even though it's read only. can hide it? i do not want user to see the url

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Because of this limitation (see accepted answer for reason), it has been common to implements popup windows as some kind of floating <div> instead of actual window (many javascript libraries available out there to help with this). If you need a separate html page in the popup, you can use <iframe>. – awe Jun 24 '13 at 8:51
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In Internet Explorer 7 and later, you cannot remove the address bar in Internet Zone windows, for security (anti-spoofing) reasons.

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You cannot do that in other browsers (Firefox, Chrome) also so even if you could do it in IE, it would have been pointless. Won't it?

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You cannot no longer hide the address bar in IE7. Read more about here in this MS article

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it depends on the user's security settings. if the site is in the 'local intranet' zone then you will be able to hide the address bar.

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This works for me in IE7, but only because I have the site added to the "Trusted sites" list., '_blank', 
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Yes, as other answers have already explained, the security limitation doesn't apply to trusted sites. – Quentin Jul 22 '09 at 13:21

It can be done like this..."about:blank", "popWin", "location=no");

But of course, the user will always be able to configure the browser to dis-allow this. And I think by default, it will not allow it. IF you are on their "Trusted Sites" list, this will work though.

Read More

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