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When using prepared statements inside stored procedures, should they be deallocated at the end of the procedure or not, or does it not matter, and why?

Some code to explain:

CREATE PROCEDURE getCompanyByName (IN name VARCHAR(100))
  PREPARE gcbnStatement FROM 'SELECT * FROM Companies WHERE name=? LIMIT 1';
  SET @companyName = name;
  EXECUTE gcbnStatement USING @companyName;
END $$

So - should the DEALLOCATE statement be there or not? Cheers!


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According to the MySQL docs:

A prepared statement is specific to the session in which it was created. If you terminate a session without deallocating a previously prepared statement, the server deallocates it automatically.

So, no, I wouldn't bother doing it explicitly, unless you have very long-running sessions.

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Thanks... While it's not much of a "why" it's certainly the best answer of the lot ;) –  Victor Jul 25 '09 at 9:31
MySQL docs also says: "A prepared statement is also global to the session. If you create a prepared statement within a stored routine, it is not deallocated when the stored routine ends.". Therefore, I would explicitly deallocate after finishing execution. –  Yasir Jul 30 at 14:09

If you use connection pooling, it is definitely a good idea to deallocate them.

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Ok, thanks. Informative. –  Victor Aug 15 '09 at 21:01

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