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dev c++ compiler error

I have written a quite simple Windows application in Dev-C++ (actually it is the Dev-C++ default project template).

U have got this error

E:\proj1\Makefile.win [Build Error]  [main.o] Error 1 

This is the compiler log :

Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "E:\proj1\Makefile.win"
Executing  make...
make.exe -f "E:\WorkSpace\POINTMAN CARD PRINTER\Cds\New folder\Makefile.win" all
g++.exe -c main.cpp -o main.o -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/include"  -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/3.4.2/backward"  -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/3.4.2/mingw32"  -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/3.4.2"  -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include"   

'C:\Users\r' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

The system cannot find the path specified.

make.exe: *** [main.o] Error 1

Execution terminated

I have Googled and tested the solutions but none of them worked for me. Does anyone have any idea about this?

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It looks like it is the backslash r '\r' in your path that is causing troubles. I don't suspect the ming toolchain handles that well without escaping:

make.exe -f "E:\\WorkSpace\\POINTMAN CA..."

Or, easier, use forward slashes '/'.

make.exe -f "E:/WorkSpace/POINTMAN CA..."

You may have to escape the spaces too:

make.exe -f "E:/WorkSpace/POINTMAN\ CA..."
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C:\users\r&d\ exists and contains AppDate forlder i thing the '&' causes the problem, how i can solve it ? –  H-Bahrami Jul 28 '12 at 5:24
Another possible solution: cd "E:\WorkSpace\POINTMAN CARD PRINTER\Cds\New folder\" make -f Makefile.win –  Tim Finer Jul 29 '12 at 8:04

Don't you have a space in your user name perhaps? C:\Users\r anything\myproject might be bad location because of the space in it.

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yes i have a & in my name complete name is r&d and the path of my user is c:\users\r&d, do have any idea about this problem and how can i fix it. –  H-Bahrami Jul 29 '12 at 9:04

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