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I'm experimenting with Google's GeoCharts. I have state data and city data that I want to display over the city data. This means I want to use the geochart regions and markers display mode at the same time. Can this be done, or faked? I can't seem to find a way but was wondering if anyone else has had success.

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As stated in documentation mode parameter could be region or marker. So they could not be used together. I would recommend you to try jVectorMap library which supports such kind of behavior.

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with some CSS hacking you can use the markers mode and color the region you want. It's not easy, you would have to know wich 'child' path of the svg map you want to color and make advanced css rules.

For example:

#map_canvas path:nth-child(57) {

Check out the last example of this page, from my website:

Hope it helps! Cheers

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VectorWorkz GeoChart lets you define region color binding and marker binding within the same instance, take a look at the VectorWorkz online demo.

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or maybe put one chart with type "marker" over another of type "region" ? :)

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