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Suppose I've this generic method

void ActivateView<T>(ViewCommand command) where T : IPresenter

And I've an action as:

Action<ViewCommand> action = this.ActivateView<DiagnosticPresenter>;

Now given action, how can I know the type arument to the generic method ActivateView? In this case, it should be DiagnosticPresenter. So I'm expecting an instance of Type equal to typeof(DiagnosticPresenter) as:

Type type = Magic(action); //what should Magic do?
if ( type == typeof(DiagnosticPresenter))
    //I want to do something here!

Is that possible? How should I implementMagic()?

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This appears to work for me:

public Type Magic(Action action)
    return action.Method.GetGenericArguments().First();
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Yes. I just found that myself after a bit of exploration. Thanks anyway. It just confirmed it. – Nawaz Jul 25 '12 at 13:13

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