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I need to extend an existing module (namely Redmine::MimeType) by adding a few items to a constant MIME_TYPES Hash.

This is what I tried so far and that only gives me a "dynamic constant assignment" error:

module MimeTypePatch
  def self.included(base) # :nodoc:

    base.class_eval do
        'video/x-flv' => 'flv,f4v',
        'video/mpeg' => '*.mpeg *.mpg *.mpe',
        'video/quicktime' => 'qt,mov',
        'video/vnd.vivo' => 'viv,vivo',
        'video/x-msvideo' => 'avi'

      # merge the new mime types with the existing ones

      EXTENSIONS = MIME_TYPES.inject({}) do |map, (type, exts)|
        exts.split(',').each {|ext| map[ext.strip] = type}

So what am I doing wrong and what might be the correct approach to alter an existing constant in another module? I do see that changing a constant at runtime is a bit off, but I couldn't think of a more elegant approach to achieve what I want (detecting video mime types).

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you can't assign a value to constant after initial definition, you have to create a new constant which will have the merged hash value. Change this line from

# merge the new mime types with the existing ones


# merge the new mime types with the existing ones

and then you can use this new constant MERGED_MIME_TYPES in further logic

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did it helped?? – abhas Jul 26 '12 at 18:21
Kind of... I didn't really want to use this solution though, as I did not want to overwrite / duplicate some methods from redmine. I ended up simply adding my values to the core Hash. Seems a better solution in that case. But thanks for your advice. – Dennis Jul 30 '12 at 11:26

Except for the freezing, you can modify existing constants in many cases rather than trying to redefine them. For instance, in your example using #merge! rather than #merge would alter the constant in place. I'm not sure whether you'd have to take steps to distinguish the definition in the current scope from that in the inherited one (i.e., you don't want to change any ancestry-upstream values of MIME_TYPES if there are any).

MIME_TYPES = {} unless (defined?(MIME_TYPES))

Also of interest is the #replace method for Hash, Array, and others:



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Thanks for the answer. The problem however, as you mentioned, is that the Hash in question is frozen. So neither #merge! nor #replace do work in that context. – Dennis Aug 17 '12 at 10:13

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