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how can i call the delete store procedure in linq query

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Could you try and be a little more specific please? Are you trying to delete a stored procedure through LINQ, or trying to execute a stored procedure that will delete some data? – Zhaph - Ben Duguid Jul 22 '09 at 13:07

I've not used LINQ, but if you can execute raw SQL, then it'd just be:

DROP PROCEDURE myStoredProcedure
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Simply add the stored procedure that does the deletion to the database and then add the stored proceduere to your .dbml. The stored procedure would then be available as a method of your datacontext.

So if you add a stored procedure called DeleteUserse to your database and .dbml you would be able to call it like this

using (SomeWebsiteDataContext db = new SomeWebsiteDataContext())
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Scott Guthrie has a fairly detailed post on updating databases with Stored Procedures through LINQ:

LINQ to SQL (Part 7 - Updating our Database using Stored Procedures)

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Give a look also to the DataContext.ExecuteCommand method.

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