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I am trying to call functions from a DLL

function oziRepositionWP(Number:integer;lat,lon:double):integer;stdcall;

I have written the code in python

no = c_int(1)
lat = c_double(34.00962)
lon = c_double(74.80067)

var =windll.OziAPI.oziRepositionWP(byref(no),byref(lat),byref(lon))

But i get the message

var =windll.OziAPI.oziRepositionWP(byref(no),byref(lat),byref(lon))
ValueError: Procedure probably called with not enough arguments (8 bytes missing)

where am i going wrong please help

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I am not sure, what language function oziRepositionWP(Number:integer;lat,lon:double):integer;stdcall; actually is. Is it Delphi? Anyway, the signature looks like it accepts all arguments by value; however, in your actual call, all values are passed by reference. Assuming, you are working in 32 bits, you are passing 3 pointer values (a 32 bit each => 12 bytes), but the function takes an integer (32 bit) and two doubles (64 bit) => 20 bytes.

However, this is just an educated guess, as long as the implementation language of OziAPI is not defined.

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you were correct, thank you dear friend –  user1182015 Jul 25 '12 at 14:02

Write functions in C and C++ and create a DLL as Python extension like this example: Python | accessing dll using ctypes

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