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i am trying to extract a substring(everything before a hyphen, in this case) from a string as shown below:

Net Operating Loss - 2007
Capital Loss - 1991
Foreign Tax Credit - 1997

and want the year and name(substring before hyphen) separately, using SQL server Management studio 2008. Any advice? or idea how i can achieve this?

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DECLARE @test nvarchar(100)

SET @test = 'Foreign Tax Credit - 1997'

SELECT @test, left(@test, charindex('-', @test) - 2) AS LeftString,
    right(@test, len(@test) - charindex('-', @test) - 1)  AS RightString
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declare @dd varchar(200)='Net Operating Loss - 2007'

select substring(@dd,1,charindex('-',@dd)-1) F1,substring(@dd,charindex('-',@dd)+1,len(@dd)) f2

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You would've found the answer quicker than composing the question doing a search on SO...

IndexOf function in t-Sql

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