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I have deployed my live app with working payment gateway but I still need somewhere to test so created a account with sandbox.authorize.net and got a new api key.

Now when I try these details in development/staging I get -

User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values

When accessing authorize.net

Does active merchant work with sandbox.authorize.net? testing seems to work fine with a gateway set in test mode but not with a sandbox account.

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I managed to get this working with the following code:

ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.mode = :test
  :login => login, 
  :password => password

Orginally my connector looked like this(as the api shows it):

  :login =>    login, 
  :password => password,
  :test        true
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That's probably because test mode uses your live account's test mode and doesn't actually point to the development server for Authnet. I don't know how Active Merchant is written but it may require you changing the URL manually for testing and then returning its original value when testing is complete.

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