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I have an import/export from/to xls of my Products, SubProducts & Costs of my DB. The thing is an importation can make big changes on the DB. That's why I need to add one step: the preview of the changes and a confirm link.

I have no idea how I could "simulate" the import, log the differences, NOT save changes yet and wait for the user's confirmation.

Can somebody help me on this?

(Rails 2.3.11, PostGreSQL)

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You should leverage the dirty attributes:

Simulate your importation and set your object with the new values:

#=> "old_foo"
obj.foo = "new_foo"
# Don't save!
#=> { 'foo' => ["old_foo", "new_foo"] }

To get the changes stored somewhere in memory, consider:

  • using cache

  • adding a row in you table where you'd serialize everything

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Thanks for your reply! I don't really understand your last phrase: "adding a row in your table where you'd serialize everything" Can you develop your advice? Thanks again –  MrYoshiji Jul 25 '12 at 14:40
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