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I love the new design of Jquery UIs (the mobile one). So, even on a project that is not targeted to mobile environment I want to have some elements from the library.

The problem is that the lib needs to instantiate itself from a page scope (data-role=page) and therefore alter dozen root styles, events and aspects of the entire page. I just want some buttons, forms and colapsable.. in specific pages.

Some of the behaviour can be overwritten within mobileinit event but the most part cant be stopped.

So, the question is: is there a simple way to instantiate jquery-mobile ui elements or to have a cleaner init page?

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You can use the JQueryMobile Download Builder [Alpha Release] to build a custom version of JQM. The Builder handles dependencies. So you should be able to select the Widgets and Forms elements you can incorporate without the Page Creation and Page Section modules.

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According to the JQM docs the page structure is a convention not a requirement (scroll to the bottom), so you don't need to have divs with the data-role="page" attribute. In addition as @NirmalPatel mentioned you can use the new Download Builder to just download the components that you want.

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yes they say that but do not mention how to accomplish. BTW, @NirmalPatel pointed to the right direction but I still can't initiate any elemente (now without page triggers) as JQM docs do not teach how to manually apply the changes. Seems like a overlooked feature. – Thiago F Macedo Jul 25 '12 at 18:58
You just leave out those elements from your markup. As for how to manualy update an element it depends on what element it is but it should be something along the lines of $("#mybutton").button(); or $("#mylistview").listview();. – Jack Jul 25 '12 at 19:10

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