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i am trying to write a c++ opengl application to load .OBJ files and i use this code to read the vertex:

char buf[256];
    coordinates.push_back(new std::string(buf));

else if ((*coordinates[i])[0]=='v' && (*coordinates[i])[1]==' ')
    float tmpx,tmpy,tmpz;
    sscanf(coord[i]->c_str(),"v %f %f %f",&tmpx,&tmpy,&tmpz);
    vertex.push_back(new coordinate(tmpx,tmpy,tmpz));
    cout << "v " << tmpx << " " << tmpy << " " << tmpz << endl;

so basicly the second pice of code parses the vertex lines from the obj file

v 1.457272 0.282729 -0.929271

my question is how can i parse this vertex line c++ style using istringstream what would the code below translate to in c++ syntax

sscanf(coord[i]->c_str(),"v %f %f %f",&tmpx,&tmpy,&tmpz);
    vertex.push_back(new coordinate(tmpx,tmpy,tmpz));
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coord is not declared in the attached code snippet. –  timrau Jul 25 '12 at 14:30

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If you are sure that the first 2 characters are useless:

istringstream strm(*coord[i]);
strm >> tmpx >> tmpy >> tmpz;
vertex.push_back(new coordinate(tmpx, tmpy, tmpz));
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It works just like reading from the standard input:

istringstream parser(coord[i]);
char tmp;
parser >> tmp >> tmpx >> tmpy >> tmpz;

(note: the tmpis just there to eat the 'v' at the beginning of the line and can be ignored - alternatively cut it out before/while initialising the stream)

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See here. This gives a good example. Use it to adapt your code

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