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I'm trying to load a xml (from a webservice) into a dataset. My issue is the xml doesnt always has the same structure.

it look like this

      <pic>zaea.jpg </pic>

As you see first node has a "pic" the seconde hasnt. My problem is it will only load the first node into the dataset because "it has all property". If a node is missing one property it wont load it into dataset...

Here's what I do

Dim dataSet As New DataSet()
Dim httpResponse As String
httpResponse = HttpRequest.WRequest("WEBSERVICE URL")
Dim xmlSR As System.IO.StringReader = New System.IO.StringReader(httpResponse)

I allready try to add the column of the dataset before loading data but it doesnt change anything...

How can I do that? Thanx

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If there were a schema for this it would have to use the <xsl:choose> condition.

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In my opinion that XML structure is not valid. Properties should not be avoided when there is no value, You should consider writing </pic> or even <pic></pic> in the second article element

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