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Let's say I have a digitally signed PDF document (with filled in form). I need to find a way to validate that PDF file using PHP.

I know that I have to use function openssl_verify($data, $signature, $pub_key_id) . I need 3 parameters (I have public certificate).

How do I extract signed data and signature itself from the PDF file?

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You would need to parse the PDF - in theory, you can write your own parsing functions. However, you would save a lot of time by using something ready-made.

What about Apache's PDFBox? You could execute it as any other shell script, or use some PHP/Java bridge.

If you decide to go manual way, see PDF specification for a way of implementing your parser - you should be able to just ignore any complex parts and fish out the signature by looking for startxref.

There are also proprietary solutions like VersyPDF.PHP but those may be a bit of an overkill for your job (but on the plus side you may get away with using the evaluation version as you do not care about watermarked output).

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To extract data and signature, you can use numbers in /ByteRange field of PDF. It has 4 numbers as /ByteRange[a b c d]. The signature is from b(th) byte to c(th) byte and remaining is data. In PHP, you can use stream_get_contents() function to get content by stream.

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