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I have a frame with a JTextField and a JButton. When I press I want to call a method that updates the JTextField`s text at every 4/5/8 seconds. Could anyone help me with the code ?? (thank you)

The code:    

import javax.swing.*;
public class Gui{
JFrame frame = new JFrame();
public Gui(){

frame.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

JTextField tf = new JTextField(10);
JButton    bu = new JButton("Button");

  bu.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){

        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event){

               for(int i=0;;i++){
               tf.setText("" + i);
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See How to Use Swing Timers. –  trashgod Jul 25 '12 at 14:47
What do you mean, "at every 4/5/8 seconds" ? Is it "wait 4s, update, wait 5s, update, wait 8s, update" ? –  barjak Jul 25 '12 at 14:49
@barjak in my case, set the text after 4 sec, then set it again (update) after 8/9/100 sec –  Vlad Radulescu Jul 25 '12 at 14:53
@trashgod thanks dude ! –  Vlad Radulescu Jul 25 '12 at 14:54
Please do have a look at this example –  nIcE cOw Jul 25 '12 at 15:15

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Personally, as @trashgod has pointed out, I'd be using the java.swing.Timer, the main reason is that it supports calling notifications within the EDT, as well as some (generally minor) management methods to help make life easier

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The name is trashgod and not trashjob :( +1 though for the rest :-) And it's EDT not ETD Event Dispatch Thread :( Please do rectify that thingy too :-) –  nIcE cOw Jul 25 '12 at 15:22
nobody knows maybe he knows more :-) –  mKorbel Jul 25 '12 at 15:25
Fat fingers on iPad at 1am, not a good combination :P –  MadProgrammer Jul 25 '12 at 15:52
+1 for javax.swing.Timer and good humor. –  trashgod Jul 25 '12 at 17:56

You could try to use timers : http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/util/Timer.html

You might want to start the timer when the actionPerformed method is called.

Though BEST bet with Swing, is the use of javax.swing.Timer, as it allows you to update your GUI on the Event Dispatch Thread.

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yes, thanks BaL !! –  Vlad Radulescu Jul 25 '12 at 14:54
java.util.Timer isn't wrong, but javax.swing.Timer is probably a more convenient choice. –  trashgod Jul 25 '12 at 14:56
Please refer to the latest API (JDK7) instead of the 1.4 JDK –  Robin Jul 25 '12 at 15:02
Thanks for the editing :-) –  BaL Jul 25 '12 at 15:26
Don't apologise, I fully agree with you guys. So as I said, thanks for the editing :-) –  BaL Jul 25 '12 at 15:30

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