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As the title says everything, If the answer is yes then I would like to have a nice tutorial/link for using WebMethods as a BPMN 2.0 process engine.

Thank you in advance.

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Yes with the 8.2 version : http://documentation.softwareag.com/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite8-2_ga/readme/ProcessEngine_8-2-SP1_readme.pdf

Process Engine now supports BPMN 2.0 semantics corresponding to the BPMN 2.0 constructs that webMethods Process Development supports in notation.

If you want a good tuto, you could appreciate this one : http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/communities/public/Developer/webmethods/products/bpm_suite/tutorials/Subprocess/subprocesses_index.html

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Many thanks Teiva :) –  nommyravian Aug 13 '12 at 5:53

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