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I cant seem to find a regular expression to filter sentences with word lengths less than 'n' characters.

Example: 'n' = 3

"Hello World, Hello Again" is no match

"Hello World, Javascript is Crazy" is a match because 'is' has less than 3 characters.

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What have you tried? What happened when you tried it? –  kojiro Jul 25 '12 at 15:42

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[11:42:43.562] /\b\w{1,2}\b/.test("Hello World, Hello Again")
[11:42:43.565] false
[11:43:09.002] /\b\w{1,2}\b/.test("Hello World, Javascript is Crazy")
[11:43:09.005] true

Use {1,2} if you want less than, use {1,3} if you want less than or equal.

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Try this pattern:

var pattern = '/\b.{1,3}\b/';
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