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I've a page loaded with DOM, then I want to convert all relative URLs of anchors to absolute URLs according to, eventually, the <base href> tag

I'm looking for something tested, not some random script that fails on some cases

I'm interested in parsing of every form of href="" usage:

href="." relative
href=".." relative
href="../" relative
href="./" relative

and more complex ones mixed

thank you in advance

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Try this :


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perfect! exactly what i was looking for –  skyline26 Jul 25 '12 at 16:11

//Converting relative urls into absolute urls | PHP Tutors

$base_url = 'http://www.xyz.com/ ';
$anchors[0] = '<a href="test1.php" >Testing Link1 </a >';
$anchors[1] = '<a href="test2.php" >Testing Link2 </a >';

foreach($anchors as $val) {
    if(strpos($val,$base_url) === false) {
        echo str_replace('href="','href="'.$base_url,$val)."<br/ >";
    } else {
        echo $val."<br/ >";


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