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I have a select tag: how can I hide the scroll bar? The other question is how can I increse the width of this select tag

<select id="navSelection" size="5"  style="overflow-y :hidden">
    <option value="temp">Temperature</option>
    <option value="flow">Flow</option>
    <option value="press">Pressure</option>
    <option value="cond">Conductivity</option>

style="overflow-y: hidden" is not working


thanks in advance

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Hide vertical scrollbar in <select> element should answer your question about the scrollbar and:

#navSelection {
  width: xxxpx;

Should change the width.

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+1! I was just about to comment the same ques you gave as a duplicate one.. :) – Asif Jul 25 '12 at 16:05

In order to increase the width of the select element, you can either write an inline style or set the size using a class or ID:

<select style="width: 150px;"></select>


select { width: 150px; }

You cannot override the default browser behavior for displaying a select dropdown.

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