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I'm working with ruby with the match method and I want to match an URL that doesn't contain a certain string with a regular Expression: ex:


I want to match the URLs that doesn't contain the word dog, so the 1st and the 2nd ones should be matched

Hope I was clear :)

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Just use a negative lookahead ^(?!.*dog).*$.


  • ^ : match begin of line
  • (?!.*dog) : negative lookahead, check if the word dog doesn't exist
  • .* : match everything (except newlines in this case)
  • $ : match end of line

Online demo

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Just use

string !~ /dog/

to select strings you need.

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There's actually an incredibly simple way to do this, using select.

array_of_urls.select { |url| !url.match(/dog/) }

this will return an array of the url's that don't contain the word 'dog' anywhere in it.

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More succinctly, array_of_urls.reject { |url| url.match(/dog/) } –  nicholaides Nov 28 '14 at 19:12
"incredibly simple" –  ahnbizcad Mar 12 at 5:20

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