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I'm using a C# wrapper of ITable object (ESRI ArcObject Table), but this wrapper misses sorting and searching functions. Is there a way to add these functions? How could I do it?

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I can think of two ways to attempt this. Both require that you create a new class that is derived from TableWrapper.

1. The first option is to simply expose the Items property of TableWrapper (inherited from BindingList<IRow>). Once you have done that, you can use System.Linq to get a sorted version of the items, or search the items. This might not work for your scenario, if you need to listen for the ListChanged event.

public class GeoGeekTable : TableWrapper 
    public IList<IRow> GetTableItems()
        return this.Items;

2. The longer route is to provide a more complete implementation of BindingList<T> by creating a class that inherits from TableWrapper and implements the inherited methods that are missing in TableWrapper.

BindingList<T> defines these methods:

ApplySortCore: Sorts the items if overridden in a derived class; otherwise, throws a NotSupportedException.

FindCore : Searches for the index of the item that has the specified property descriptor with the specified value, if searching is implemented in a derived class; otherwise, a NotSupportedException.

public class GeoGeekTable : TableWrapper
    protected override void ApplySortCore(PropertyDescriptor prop, ListSortDirection direction)
        // see

I hope that helps get you started. If you search "override ApplySortCore c#" you should get some guidance on implementing that method, as it's standard .NET

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Thanks for your Response, i would prefere the second way that's already implemented in wrapper that i mentioned in the link, but what i want is to avoid the NotSupportedException, because both sort and search are not supported in ITable, i thought to add these functions to the wrapper, how i could do it if possible ? Thanks – geogeek Jul 25 '12 at 19:25
If you have the source code for the wrapper you could alter it and add the overrides, but I think it's better to extend a class if it's part of an external library. Instead of deriving a class from ITable, derive it from TableWrapper. – mafue Jul 25 '12 at 19:38

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