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I have a user with issues loading a .Net assembly into AutoCAD. I get the following error:

Cannot load assembly. Error details: System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly (hr = 0x80131018)

They are using an anit virus package called Endpoint Security and when this is turned off, the load works.

I am not a .Net expert and was hoping there might be a friendlier solution than me suggesting the user put their anti virus package in the trash!? But I've no idea where to start, any help would be greatly received.

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System.BadImageFormatException can happen if you are mismatching x86 / AnyCpu. Try to compile your assembly in x86 mode explictly and see what happens.

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I thought it was that at 1st, because my application has a version compiled for both x86 and x64. But that would produce a different error code it seems, (hr = 0x8007000b). Furthermore, I forced it to load the correct dll for the CPU and I got the same error. It's something else and like I said, everything works when anti virus is switched off. I just don't know why and having the user switching off anti virus forever is not an option. – user1300560 Jul 26 '12 at 10:11

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