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i've got some problem with update AnalogClock resources and imageview. I've got my class

public class Widget extends AppWidgetProvider


public static class UpdateService extends Service

which onStart change Activity to Settings

Context context = getApplicationContext();
try {
    Intent myIntent = new Intent(context, Info.class);
} catch(Exception e) {
    Log.e(LOG_TAG,"Error Settings Intents",e);

In Info.class i've create tint selector. After save settings I recolor my AnalogClock:

public void reColor(int color){
    // dial
    Drawable dial_bg = getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.widgetdial);
    dial_bg.setColorFilter(color, PorterDuff.Mode.MULTIPLY);
    // hour
    Drawable hour_bg = getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.widgethour);
    hour_bg.setColorFilter(color, PorterDuff.Mode.MULTIPLY);
    Drawable min_bg = getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.widgetminute);
    min_bg.setColorFilter(color, PorterDuff.Mode.MULTIPLY);
    // clock

And it works with my current layout (AnalogClock has got selected color). So I save color value to SharedPreferences and call update service:

button_save.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(View v) {
        Context context = getBaseContext();
        Intent forceUpIntent = new Intent(context, Widget.UpdateService.class);

and I start buildUpdate:

public RemoteViews buildUpdate(Context context) {
    RemoteViews updateViews = new RemoteViews(context.getPackageName(), R.layout.widget);
    try {
        Log.d(LOG_TAG,"Updating Views: REDRAW");
        SharedPreferences settings = getSharedPreferences(COLOR_NAME, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
        if (settings !=null) {
            int newColor = settings.getInt(RECOLOR, Color.argb(255, 255, 255, 255));
            if (widgetColor != newColor) {
                // dial
                Drawable dial_bg = getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.widgetdial);
                dial_bg.setColorFilter(newColor, PorterDuff.Mode.MULTIPLY);
                // hour
                Drawable hour_bg = getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.widgethour);
                hour_bg.setColorFilter(newColor, PorterDuff.Mode.MULTIPLY);
                Drawable min_bg = getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.widgetminute);
                min_bg.setColorFilter(newColor, PorterDuff.Mode.MULTIPLY);
                // clock
                updateViews.setImageViewBitmap(R.id.dial, drawableToBitmap(dial_bg));
                updateViews.setImageViewBitmap(R.id.AnalogClock, drawableToBitmap(dial_bg));
                widgetColor = newColor;

        Intent AlarmClockIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_MAIN).addCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_LAUNCHER).setComponent(new ComponentName("com.android.alarmclock", "com.android.alarmclock.AlarmClock"));
        PendingIntent pendingIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(context, 0, AlarmClockIntent, 0);
        updateViews.setOnClickPendingIntent(R.id.AnalogClock, pendingIntent);
    } catch(Exception e) {
        Log.e(LOG_TAG,"Error Updating Views",e);
    return updateViews;

But it doesn't work, warning:

07-25 16:26:45.615: WARN/AppWidgetHostView(103): updateAppWidget couldn't find any view, using error view
07-25 16:26:45.615: WARN/AppWidgetHostView(103): android.widget.RemoteViews$ActionException: view: android.widget.AnalogClock doesn't have method: setImageBitmap(android.graphics.Bitmap)

Is it possible to update AnalogClock layout or ImageView with Bitmap or Drawable?

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Oh, you used the inline code symbols on every line... Please remove the code above, paste your formatted code into the question again, re-highlight this new code, and press Ctrl+K. This will quickly and painlessly set the code block format. (No ', <br/>, or <!-- ... necessary.) –  Sam Jul 25 '12 at 16:45
@Scott: thanks for edit :) –  Chesteer89 Jul 25 '12 at 17:05

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