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I'm running a Java robot class that I need to input the keyboard keys 0-9 (the actual numbers), but NOT the numpad numbers. For some reason, the java applet (which I did not write) that i am using does not accept the 0-9 key's from the numpad, only the 0-9 row above the standard keyboard. However, the Java robot class only seems to have a VK_NUMPAD# KeyEvent. At first, I tried the VK_1 event, but that turned out to have nothing to do with numbers (rather, the first 0-9 ASCII characters). Any way to get the top row of numbers? The robot I am using works fine other than that, and will happily input keys like "VK_P" and "VK_UP". Thanks!

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Can you give us any information about the applet that you're using? Or the robot class that has the VK_NUMPAD# events? – Iain Jul 25 '12 at 16:50
The applet is . It will accept KeyEvents like VK_UP to move the pacman without complaint, just not the numbers. The robot class is the standard Java Robot from . Also, VK_NUMPAD[#] is just my notation for VK_NUMPAD1, VK_NUMPAD2, etc. – user1552292 Jul 25 '12 at 17:44

This should be the definitive link for key codes. When using e.getKeyCode(), we see that the codes for VK_NUMPAD are 96-105 for digits 0-9 respectively. This is the case only if num_lock is on as you will get other codes if it is off.

Your attempt at VK_1 should have been correct. That is code 49 which corresponds to the 1 on the top row having been pushed. I tried this with an applet I had. I stuck in a KeyListener, and I verified that this is correct. 48-57 correspond to 0-9 on the top row which is listed in the link I gave as VK_0 ... VK_9. There must be some sort of override (like the num_lock key overrides the number pad) that is remapping it because as I said VK_1 is the correct answer for the 1 character at the top of the keyboard.

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