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What is the life-cycle of CXF Interceptor? Is only one instance created of each interceptor or new instances are created for each service invocation?

I need to write an Interceptor for RESTful services which requires some initialization and I do not want it to be performed each time the Interceptor is invoked. What is the best approach to do it?

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I'm assuming that you meant a CXF interceptor. The official documentation can be found here: http://cxf.apache.org/docs/interceptors.html

Here is a tutorial for integrating CXF with Restful servies: http://www.celinio.net/techblog/?p=637

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Thanks, but it does not answer my question. The official documentation does not mention anything about the Interceptor life-cycle and many other important things. –  Sergey Jul 26 '12 at 7:05
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I was unable to find any documentation, but if you create Interceptor externally and pass the instance to CXF it will use it and will not create another instances.

For initialization part it is best to add @PostConstruct annotation (JEE5) on initializing method. The method will be invoked after the bean creation.

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