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I'm wanting to figure out how the best way to do this is.

I have about 6 different models for my different separated modules and they all share the same variables that I created that hold the values of my database tables. Should I create a special config file that holds these values or is there something better I can do for this situation?

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You can create a config and pull from that, or you can create a "master" model and extend your other models from that... like this:

class Mastermodel extends CI_Model
    var $table_name = 'table';          // user accounts
    var $another_table_name = 'another_table';  // user profiles

    function __construct()


and then in your other models, change the line

class Childmodel extends CI_Model


class Childmodel extends Mastermodel

And then you can use $this->table_name and $this->another_table_name in the child models

By extending the Mastermodel where the variables were instantiated, you inherit those variables.

**It is important to note that you must also load the "master" model otherwise PHP will not have it in memory and can not extend it**

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I did the abovve and it says thtat the mastermodel can not be found. –  user1530515 Jul 27 '12 at 21:39
Did you load the Mastermodel? –  Brendan Jul 30 '12 at 15:38

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