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The following FQL was working properly and then for some reason it doesn't:

@userPhotos = @rest.fql_query("select src_big, src_big_width,src_big_height FROM photo     WHERE album_object_id IN 
                   (SELECT object_id FROM album WHERE owner = me())")

It produces a list of "one" album - the last album instead of producing a list of all albums owned by the user. I'm using FB explorer to check the FQL. It used to work properly but not now. Have you experienced that problem?

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This is a temporary, I hope, problem with FQL. This bug was reported by a couple of other developers. – user1388066 Jul 25 '12 at 22:52

what is album_object_id ?? ... i dont think this exists. isn't it

you can check objects here

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Same query can be done using AID for both photo and album. It works fine for me.

Does your query working now? (if user1388066 was right and that was a bug)

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I think this is caused by the following bug, which is now resolved:

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