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I'm looking for a program that can help play MIDI files in real-time to go with Python 3, but I need such a program to let me play sections from the MIDI file of any length, starting from and ending at anywhere in the piece.

I've searched online and seen many programs that can play MIDI files from beginning to end and programs that can play musical notes, but I haven't been able to find one specifically for the version of Python that I have.

I'm also overwhelmed because there are so many third-party programs online which all provide the same thing.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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I don't know of any MIDI parsers for Python 3, I'm afraid to say. The basics of Will Ware's MIDI Parser could probably translate directly into Python 3 with 2to3 -- it's not too hard, and the python bindings for pyFluidSynth would probably not be too hard to port as well. Between the two, I think it should be possible. You'll need to download a free SoundFont first though. But I don't know of any ready-made Python3 solution.

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